hi, i'm writing a motivation letter, and i'd like to know if its going well. can you,please, check my letter. any comments are welcome. thank you in advance.

Dear Madam/Sir

I am writing to apply for TESOL and applied linguistics Masters program starting in September 2014. Presently, I am a senior student working towards a Bachelorís degree in the Faculty of Philology, Literature Sciences and World Languages with a specialization in Two Foreign Languages. My aim is to enhance my career prospects in teaching and find new methods in this field. I constantly strive for excellence and am committed to making my time as an undergraduate as productive and beneficial as possible. Therefore, I have a great desire to be accepted for this program. In order to build up a solid foundation for my future research and thus realize my dream of becoming an expert in teaching English I devoted every effort to learning virtually all the related courses and reading many English books in such areas like literature and culture.
Although English is hardly not spoken everywhere, in my country some professionals are being ignored because of their lack of English language competence. Only several schools can be named as highly qualified and competitive ones. I shall strive to dissolve this problem in our country and eventually, I am planning to open my own language school. I fully understand that studying abroad would be an enormous opportunity for me to gain not only knowledge but also experience to practice and crave my skills and then to give it back to my own students in my homeland. It will help me to expand my outlook and change for the better my attitude towards life values and people. It is not only the possibility to develop my social and communication skills, it is also a chance to tell about my own country and share the cultural experiences. Therefore, being admitted to your university is the next goal towards achieving my future plans.
A well-rounded student, my interests span across curriculum and culture. Iíve thirsted for knowledge since childhood, and when I finally reached high school, my craving was further whetted. Behind my achievements is a strong desire to learn. I have striven for academic excellence, always wishing to make the most of my education. I believe that my excellent academic record and social service make me a good candidate for this course. In addition, I have managed to work to provide for some of the basic expenses. Throughout my life I have participated in extracurricular activities including valuable volunteer experiences. I have been already working with deaf students as well as students from low-income family. It has given me ability to get along with children, and the most important, to realize who I am going to become. My studentsí life experience has taught me to evaluate life and my knowledge. Itís through that I hope to become an instrumental member of society, using all of my energies to bring about constructive change and create a path to the ďgood life,Ē not only for myself but also for others.
Britain is considered to be the foremost country to host finest educational institutions. Among them I found London Metropolitan University most suitable for me for its high quality of teaching. On the other hand, there is a great chance to be committed to a social work like becoming student ambassador or enlarging my volunteer experience. Almost whole my life I have studied English language, its culture, values and heritage. If I am successful enough with the application I shall not only see but also be the part of that country I have read of.
I love to travel and experience different cultures. I enjoy taking photos of nature and buildings. I would be the happiest man if I could get a chance to take photos of this place of great architectural constructions.
I believe that the aim of the program is consistent with my academic background and aspirations. I am confident that with the knowledge gained through this program I will gain necessary skills and experience that will help me take a giant step towards reaching my professional goals.
I really hope that by my above-said words, I shall be accepted to TESOL and applied linguistics Masters program.
I would like to thank you in advance for considering my application. I look forward to your reply.