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    Phrases I dont understand...

    I didnt find it in the Oxford.
    I read the NYT and I have found that:

    to come to the floor

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    Re: Phrases I dont understand...

    That's an interesting question, but it's difficult to answer without knowing what the context is. For example, it could refer to a storey in a building, or it could be talking about a stock exchange or a meeting.

    Could you give us a bit more? Perhaps the complete sentence?

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    Re: Phrases I dont understand...

    Is it in a political context? If so, then the floor means the Senate or Congress- so when it comes to the floor, it would be debated:

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    Re: Phrases I dont understand...

    The New York Times, 26 March 2006

    The issue will come to the floor of the Senate next week, and the debate is shaping up as a free-for-all that will touch on economics, race and national identity.

    Seems like you are right, tdol

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