I have several questions about the following undrlined sentences, please help me to get an idea:

1. one of the joys of being a writer is that you don't have to have a routine, but when i have got a book on the boil i really don't do anythingelse.

2.I do confess to the odd chocolate crisis. The evenings are for the box. i love it. i video old films. That is my treat.

3.By then i am only fit to slump in front of the telly.

4. when i am working on a novel, i will put in a seven day week.cooking is helpful if i am stuck. I don't reward myself at the end of a good day.

5.there is no doubt it is harder now, having got up at 6:00 and done the school run, and having one's head seething with domestic things.

sorry for the long questions, but i desperately need your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!