English is my second language. I was delegated to write a letter, and now I need someone to help me to correct the errors. Thank you so much

On Saturday, March 22, we had a meeting with the members who will be working with the,________, textbook material, and they decided to work chapters 1 through 10 as a team group. There is an approximate 75% of the book content that is not comprehended; in addition, by contrasting the information between the English version and Spanish version, the Spanish version does not contain same information as the English version conveys. The translator tool resource that was used to translate the Spanish book messed up the phrases, and changed completely the contextual meaning; comparing to what English version conveys.

Therefore, in order to make 100% accurate translation, the team members suggest redoing the translation relying directly from the English version to avoid incoherent paragraphs.

Translating English information to Spanish implies a thorough work and time. Therefore, if you accepted our team members to redoing the translation, they will need at least one month to return chapters 1-10 back to ___________. The members will not change the format of the book at all, they will rewrite on the Spanish version, so you can obtain the same Spanish book format.
However, if redoing is not accepted, we still are able to work on the project by correcting some of the paragraphs, but incoherent or in comprehensive paragraphs will continue exist and the Spanish version will not convey the same information as the English version does.