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    stock price imagery

    I don't know what the following in red is saying.

    I received an email from Kaleel Zibe, a professional wildlife and nature photographer. His business has been under pressure for many years. "The crash of stock price imagery, and the fact that everyone is now an amateur photographer, means we in the profession need to re-think what we're doing to make money ....."

    Thank you.

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    Re: stock price imagery



    There are some markets/websites/... in which photographers could offer their works for sale. For example, in you, as a photographer, can upload even thousands of your works. Then, the more people download your stock photos, the more you will be paid by the website. For instance, in you will be paid 25c for any single download. Hence, 1000 downloads means 25c * 1000 = 25000 cents = $250 ).
    In my opinion, the red statement refers to the very low price of the photographs in such markets which results in very low income for the photographer.
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    Re: stock price imagery

    In the olden days, there were professional photographers who had catalogs of "stock images." If you were doing a magazine article on, say, traffic lights, you went to the stock and picked out an image of a traffic light to illustrate your article. You paid the photographer royalties for using his photo.

    Now that every phone is a camera and images are available online for little or nothing, this business of being a stock photographer is not very good.

    Prices for stock images have crashed.

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