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    How to describle this situation

    The situation:
    A and B had discussed something in private, but few days later B revealed the conversation to the public.
    Then A says this to B:
    Our conversation was in private where I thought it would remain.
    I have two questions about this sentence:
    1. Is "where" correct in this sentence? Does it mean that "in private" is the antecedent and "where" is the relative adverb?
    2. "it would remain" is the subjunctive mood which implies it doesn't remain now.

    Or this sentence is totally wrong.
    Thank you!

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    Re: How to describle this situation

    Hello, georgelee12071981.

    1. No, I don't think so. I've found two examples of "[...] in private, where [...]" here, but your sentence doesn't work grammatically.
    "Our conversation was private. I thought it would remain so." might work. I don't think it's possible to join these two sentences with relative adverbs/pronouns.

    2. No. The modal "would" is used to express the "future in the past":

    I hope my response will shed some light on your query.

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