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    Listening: eIls - what could it be?

    Here's a link to a video where an ESL teacher is presenting thre verb forms in a funny way.

    I can't understand the last line with some abbreviation - eILS (it may be a name of the organization he is from):

    It’s your TURN.
    GROW (grew, GROWN) with the VERBS that you’ve LEARNED.
    GRAMmar through LYRics I DRAW (drew, DRAWN).

    PEACE to eILS, now I GO (went, GONE)!

    Could you listen from 3.05 min and tell me if he says eILS or something else and what it could mean?
    If I were a native speaker of English, I would never shut up. :-)

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    Re: Listening: eIls - what could it be?

    Quote Originally Posted by englishhobby View Post
    PEACE to eILS,
    I think that's a typo in the lyrics. It should be ELLs - presumably English Language Learners

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