Dear Sir /ma'am,

My name is xx . I am new in town for almost half year . I am writing this letter for explain the problems i met during i get my driving test.

Since i arrived here . The first thing i did was to sign up for the driving test . . i was told to wait for one month to do the written test which i am glad i pass it . Then . I made an appointment to do my second test : my road test . The people who help me told me i need to wait for two month to do the test because there are too many people waiting in line . Unfortunately . i did not pass my road test .The instructor failed me since i did not follow the state rule . Therefore . i had to go back and make the other appointment . last week when i was trying to make the new road test . i was told to wait until May 31 th . The reason is because there are also so much people to the test . I personally think this is not main the reason why every body need to wait for so long .I strongly agree the reason is their working efficiency is low in the driving office . there was only one people helping everybody to do the test last time . even i made an appointment via the phone two month ahead i still need to wait one hour there . Not only this . The people who work on the front desk for other service even have the private talk with other workmate . That totally reduce the working efficiency .At the same time . it wasting every bodes time . They even type my name wrong at the first time .

I am not complaining about the office failed me not the test . I am telling you the truth . If you come to china and see how many people here waiting in line to do the driving test and compare with the people in USA you would definitely think the people who work in USA doing everything very slow . Some people would said:‘well, even the people here finish work not as fast as the people in china . but they do it accurately . '' Speaking of this . The first time when i got my driving permit (after i pass the written test they will give you a permit )they even type my name wrong .Also . in my day life . my post mail was spend wrong to the other place . seems the people here really have 'high' efficiency !

I hope what i said could make you realize the problem . I suggest the office should hire more people to help with those road test or other thing like pick up the phone . This not only save everybody's time but also could help unemployment in USA . I hope you could take my advice . Have a wonderful day