Topic: Computers can easily do all the basic and advanced calculations. Do you think your children should spend more time learning basic mathematics or advanced computer technology ? Give your views.

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Technology has changed the way people all over the world deal with many things. Computers specifically have hugely affected every day activities and traditional learning methods. This wonder machine can easily do all the basic mathematics calculations that once took a long time to memorize and apply manually. Such revolution in this domain has been causing a very controversial debate. Some people believe that since computers can do it all, schools should stop teaching calculations to children. Others disagree and think that learning mathematics basics is a must. Personally, I believe that my children should always be taught mathematics skills and basics. The arguments for that will be mentioned in this essay.

First of all, computers are nothing but artificial machines with fake intelligence. This fact is not meant to underestimate the importance of computers in this era, but rather amplify that, despite everything, they were invented by human beings. Humans possess the real power to create and solve problems. They should never let technology out run them. Thatís why itís very important to teach kids all kinds of knowledge at school; they need to understand that only they can and will always have the upper hand. For example, scientists in the past have managed to invent and discover without the help of any smart device. Thatís evidence of the power held in the human mind. Thus, children should always learn mathematical basics at school.

In addition, computers are not always capable of doing their assigned tasks. They can get broken or run out of power. How could it be possible to calculate then? Computers, despite their tremendous impact, will forever remain machines that could stop working at any moment. Throwing a computer, for instance, into a basin of water will probably ruin it forever. Because of that childrenís education shouldn't be altered in anyway so that it suits technology demands.

To sum up, it is very necessary to learn how to handle computers and technology in general, but people need to understand that nothing could replace a real person and his or her ability to assess, analyze and create solutions.


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