Air traffic is increasingly leading to more noise,pollution and airport construction.One reason for this is the growth in low-class passengers flights often to holiday destinations.Some people say that governments should try to reduce air traffic by taxing it more heavily.Do you agree or disagree?

Air traffic is increasing day-by-day along with all other transportation facilities.The reasons for this development are unmistakably the time consumption and traveling expenditure.Pollution has become a global issue and of course,air traffic also gives a massive share to that issue.But we can't go back to 40's or 50's life style or traveling facilities to reduce the problem in hand.It is unnecessary to increase the tax and discouraging the air transport.

If the government discourages air transport,people should have to rely on other transportation facilities like roads,rails,ships and boats etc which are much more dangerous than air traffic pollution.And the resource scarcity is another issue worth to mention.We won't survive another century due to the population explosion and our need for natural resources.We will kill ourselves just like 'a pond full of algae' deprived of nutrients to survive.So 'resource' and 'pollution' are important factors to consider before we belittle the importance of air transportation.

Time and money ,the two things that values the most for this generation.It is by the advent of air transportation that we are now enjoying long distance journey.'Globalization','Universality' etc are the terms that will not survive without the air transportation! The easiness to reach anywhere with a safe pocket will ultimately improve the economy.Compared to the number of drivers who drive or ride or pilot other vehicles aeroplane pilots will remain less and so the rate of aeroplanes will not exceed a certain rate and thus limiting the pollution and sparing some amount of resources.

What if the air traffic exceeds a healthy rate?A sky with an air traffic jam!Unlike bur terminals,ferries,shipyards and railway stations an air airport construction will exploit much money,land,natural habitat and time.We are now familiar with all kinds of pollution including stratosphere pollution.A wide variety of bird species are on extinction.These all are because of the low-class passenger flights often to holiday destinations rich with animal life and other natural resources.But avoiding air planes is not a way to deal with the issue.

Sound pollution on sky due to air traffic pollution is much lesser comparing to what happens on land.With better advancements in the field of air transportation we might decrease all the ill effects too.So it is not by increasing the tax,it should be by increasing the pollution control methods that we should ensure the safety of cour planet and our pocket.And so i disagree with the people who says that government should try to reduce air traffic by taxing it more heavily.