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  1. Ricci

    I need these answered please

    Writing Exercise: Change the structure of each of the following sentences by moving the underlined words to a different position within the sentence. Remember to punctuate correctly.

    1. Grendelís mother goes to Herot to seek revenge the night after Beowulf defeats Grendel.

    2. Beowulf fights bravely as the monster claws at him.

    3. The pilgrims set off on a journey from Southwark.

    4. The seafarer drifted through winter on an ice-cold sea.

    5. Barbara Allan is a cruel woman.

    Proofreading Exercise: Rewrite the sentences below, correcting any errors in punctuation and usage

    1. Into Canterbury rides the 29 travelers and the innkeeper.

    2. To Caedmonís account of his amazing dream listens to the abbess and the reeve.

    3. In the tale of Beowulf we learn about the heroism of a Geatish warrior.

    4. Before the terrible monster lies the bodies of those who fell.

    5. Outside the walls of troy Achilles and Hector fight to the death.

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    Re: I need these answered please

    Welcome, Ricci.

    Sorry. We do not do homework assignments.

    What are your answers?

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