Would any one have alook on my motivation letter. Any suggestion would be highly appreciated:

Dear Sir;

It is with great interest that I am presenting myself as a candidate for the Doctoral Program in XXX University. Since I was in high school, I have always been fascinated by mathematical studies, and have a flair for the subject. There was never any doubt that I would choose mathematics as a degree. Now, and as I aspire to contribute my mathematical skills, Pursuing a PhD in your university would be an important opportunity where I can fully practice, participate my educational experience, and add knowledge in applications that are based on mathematical theories.
A substantial portion of my deep background in Pure Mathematics at the graduate level, involves researching and teaching skills. Indeed, after I finished my License degree in the Lebanese University, I received my first master degree in pure mathematics. I was ranked the first student, this promote my chance to give lectures for university student audiences in different courses including algebra, analysis, and probability. Through this forum, I had not only enriched my knowledge but also enhanced my self-study and interpersonal dexterities. Currently, I'm studying Master2 (ASCYON) in Limoges University, and expected to graduate in July, 2014.
In addition to my academic experience, I am a self-motivated, creative-thinker capable of independent thought and research, and also a good collaborator with excellent communication. Moreover, I enjoy researching information, conducting experiments with different soft wares, analyzing and reporting on findings. Incorporating all factors above, I assure that my enthusiasm and ability could be a great asset in your research group.
Thank you considering my application and I look forward to your acceptance.

Sincerely yours.