This morning, I read a piece of news on the Internet. The incident happened to a girl in Shenyang, who was concentrating on her music in the bus and failed to notice the old man standing beside her. She didn't offer her seat to him in time, which resulted in blows and human insult coming from the old man and his family. This event greatly stimulated my anger.

On one hand, it is true that the behavior of helping the olds, such as offering seats or offering a hand to them when they need. Meanwhile, respecting the olds has always been a good virtue handed down from one generation to the other, which also plays an important role in maintaining social harmony. Therefore, respect and taking care of the old should always be encouraged, just as the old saying goes, "one good turn deserves the other."

On the other hand, it is not appropriate for us to go such extremes as to turn this good virtue into an obligation. I've just mentioned that we should be 'encouraged' to do so. Never should we be made or forced to do a good deed, otherwise we'll be subjected to punishment. However, it's really a pity that many old people in our country don't understand this. What is worse, some ill-mannered and fatuous ones who are always scrambling for the seats with teenagers or shouting some rude and unfair remarks about young people, considering that mere age is reason for respect, is one of the kinds that shouldn't get any respect from society in my point of view.

In conclusion, old people should get respect. However, these people should be the ones who are worth respecting. While we are endeavoring to take care of the old in order to make our society more harmonious, we should also do something to prevent the young from being frustrated because of some ill-mannered ones.