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    Ordinals - 100th 101st 1 002nd

    Hello everybody

    I have some doubts about ordinal numbers:

    - How can I write out and read "100th", "101st" and "1,002nd"?
    (A/one) hundredth / (a/one) hundred and first / (one/a) thousand and second ???

    Do I need the article? When should I use "a" and when "one"?

    - Letters (st/nd/rd/th) should always be superscript?

    100th ??

    Thank you for your help

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    Re: Ordinals - 100th 101st 1 002nd

    one hundredth; one hundred and first; one thousand and second.
    You use whatever article is appropriate. Some people might leave out 'one', but the selection of an article is different.
    "That's the one thousand and second post you've made". "You have a hundred and one lambs. Here comes your hundred and second."
    No, they don't have to be superscripted.

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