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    Unhappy How to Learn English form Beginning

    Hello everyone, i want to learn English in a proper way. i learned my basic English in my school as second language and after mainly by reading web sites and some books.and i'm using some Internet forums it 's give me some help to develop my English. i can understand if some one speaks in English, but i can't reply them in right method i don't not no to use right words when answering them and don't have proper knowledge in grammar and how to use grammar in sentences.
    give me some tips to how to learn from basic grammar how should i start

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    Re: How to Learn English form Beginning

    Welcome to the forums, Faslan.

    You need to find a private tutor or join an English class in your locality.

    Ask us specific questions about the language here.

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    Re: How to Learn English form Beginning

    Do you have any opportunities to practise your English?

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