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    'How you have'

    A : You know how you have a secret meeting with Will every day to talk about the numbers?
    B : We don't have a secret meeting

    Hi, The question of A seems odd to me.
    He, A, is asking question to B who is actually the person who has a daily meeting. How can he ask that kind of question? The use of 'how' in the sentence doesn't make sense to me, and...I don't know how to explain but if the question looks like " Do you know that I know you having a secret meeting with....~~~". Is A a little sarcastic? Thanks.

    Hyunho Kang

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    Re: 'How you have'

    One meaning of 'how' is

    for talking about the way that someone behaves or the way that something happens (Macmillan).

    'You know how you have a secret meeting...' is A's way of introducing the topic he is going to be talking about.


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