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    "Come up hard" equals "come up the hard way"?

    Dear all,

    The following passage is a part of an essay titled "How can we toughen our children without frightning them?". (It's on the Web.)

    "...It is insane. I am trying to affect the aggression of my childhood home, the sense of constant unremitting challenge, sans the violence. A lot of us who come up hard revere the lessons we learned, even if they were rendered by the belt or boot. How do we pass those lessons on without subjecting our children to those forces? How do we toughen them for a world that will bring war to them, without subjecting them to abuse? ..."

    Does "to come up hard" mean "to come up the hard way", or "to become successful by overcoming difficulties"?

    Thank you!


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    Re: "Come up hard" equals "come up the hard way"?

    I would read it to mean "those of us who had a hard upbringing/childhood" (which in this case involves violence).
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