First i would like to say, every thing written in here is true and i am writing this to apply for my undergraduate studies in Software engineering.
Please help me with the mistakes.

Having leg disability, I was advised by my teachers and parents to do computer science in my 9th Grade. But I never used a computer back then,so my brother bought me a computer.I can always remember the feeling of wanting to know how computer works.My brother explained me the basic concepts and general use of computers.Then i was introduced to the computer software’s by my teacher and was really impressed and got interested in computers.Not being able to go anywhere due to my leg I had lot of time in my hand so I started learning different software’s such as Photoshop , Dreamweaver etc. I started learning these software’s on the internet by watching video tutorials though which my English was very much improved.In my 10th grade we had QBASIC language as a part of our computer course book. It was not intriguing at all because of its simple structure. Then I asked my teacher to tell me which language I should learn,so he told me about Visual Basic and gave me a book called Mastering Visual Basic 6.0 and it was my first step in learning other computer languages such as C,C++ and VBA not having any instructor I had to stop at some stage but it was a good experience I gained and languages were not hard for me to learn.
After learning Computer languages i wasn’t satisfied so I started my hunt for learning something new and i found about Web Development languages.Then I first learned about HTML and then latter about CSS.I was really enjoying learning new things everyday but I was forgetting other things little by little.So I thought of using my knowledge in some way and I started my own channel in which I taught things which I learned. But at a stage a needed a website to carry on what I was doing. Not having any Bank account I had to use sites like blogger and wordpress.Later I mastered these two blogging platforms and started teaching about them too. Teaching and learning was only thing I enjoyed. And later I became Publisher in Google and Youtube partner.
What I want to do after getting my degree is to get a job in some software development company like google or other but my first priority will be opening an institute for teaching computer languages and other programs that’s because I like to teach.And that’s the real reason I learn new software’s and languages.