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    Challenge in using 'Whom'

    Dear All,

    Kindly assist in using the word "Whom'. I have problem using in the sentence. Please explain to me the approach you followed. Kindly use the following sentences to explain it to me:

    The men, four of whom are ill, were indicted for fraud.

    He extraordinary memory was an assest to the largely illiterate people among whom she lived.

    Her own personality balanced the kindness of her husband, whom
    unscrupulous people often took advantage of.


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    Re: Challenge in using 'Whom'

    I am not a teacher.

    'Who' is used as the subject of a verb and 'whom' as the object and after prepositions.

    Many people no longer use whom when it is the object of the verb, as it is in your third sentence, and this is generally considered acceptable informally.

    After a preposition, as is in your first two sentences, one must use whom.

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