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    Meaning of "Until it's not"

    Dear members,

    What is the meaning of "until it's not" and "until it's a hit" in the following lines please?

    So how do you create that self-organizing capability to drive innovation and be focused? And the high-tech business is perhaps one of the toughest ones, because something can be a real failure until it’s not. It’s just an absolute dud until it’s a hit. So you have to be able to sense those early indicators of success, and the leadership has to really lean in and not let things die on the vine. (Source: NYTimes)

    I thought the meaning could be something like: 'while beforehand they don't seem to be a failure or hit, they ...'. Is that right?
    Thanks in advance!
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    Re: Meaning of "Until it's not"

    This is talking about situations that seem to be going badly before they go well.

    Let's assume that you start a company that makes widgets. You manufacture them and them put them up for sale. In the beginning, nobody buys your widgets. At that point, the product appears to be a failure/a dud. But then something happens, such as a storm, that creates a need for widgets. All of a sudden everybody needs a widget and and sales increase dramatically. That describes a situation of something being a failure "until it's not" (a failure) or an absolute dud "until it's a hit" (successful).

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