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    Could you test read my letter of motivation?

    Dear visitors,

    I have made my first draft for my letter of motivation with the help of this forum but I think there is much room for improvement. I was wondering if you can test read and give me advise on how to improve my letter. I will be very grateful!

    (something went wrong with spacing, I did this correct but when I post the quote it does this automaticly.

    DearSir or Madam,

    Iam applying to your undergraduate program of ''InternationalEconomics and Policy'' starting in August 2014. My ambition is tobecome a successful entrepreneur with a focus on socialresponsibility.

    Duringhigh school I was always interested in economics and when choosingthe second phase of high school I chose the route of 'economics andsociety' with extra 'management + organization' as a subject. A lotof students had troubles with the subjects economics and Management +Organization which have always been my strengths so I tutored a fewof them. Right after high school I developed an exceptional interestin entrepreneurship. I started out in a Dutch undergraduate programroughly translated as 'commercial economics' but unlike the schooltold me they were not focused on entrepreneurship and it was mainlytheory only. After that conclusion I decided to attend some seminarsfrom international entrepreneurial people such as J.T. Foxx, RobertKiyosaki and several others. I have learned a lot from that and Ihave gained a great international spirit as I met people from allover the world. This is also where I learned that an internationalfocus is important because you can learn so much from different kindsof people. I have started my ownbusiness together with a classmatesupplying a new product. I have so manymore great ideas that areinventive and great for new businesses but I lack the correctknowledge to create a successful business.

    WhenI heard of Jönköping International Business School from a formerGerman student who I met at a seminar I was instantly sold. He toldme that he learned so much about economics, marketing,entrepreneurship and businesses and he got me excited with that. Wehave spoken during all the breaks and I learned that JönköpingUniversity is a great environment to learn and study. As soon as Iwas home from the seminar I visited the website of JönköpingUniversity which got me so excited, JIBS offers an internationalstudy with a focus on entrepreneurship with real practical experienceand no other university offers this like JIBS and this is exactlywhat I was looking for. I have been looking for this opportunity inThe Netherlands but it is just not offered and I am glad that I JIBSdoes offer it. I did not know anyone who has experience in studyingabroad myself so I let myself be introduced to 3 people who did haveexperience by some people from my network. I spoke to them about myidea to study International Economics and Policy at JönköpingUniversity and asked them about their experiences and they were verypositive.

    Ithink I will be a great addition to the program because of mymotivation to succeed, my entrepreneurial and international spiritand my ambitions. Before the program starts I will practice mymathematics, I have found a tutor who is willing to learn meeverything I need prior to the program. My friends and family are allvery supportive in my choice, and I am grateful for that. I hope myletter of motivation convinces you to accept me into the program andI hope to hear from you soon.


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