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    1-please what ia the meaning of ( good wals make good neighbours )
    2- what are the deffierences between present perfect and present perfect continuous .
    3- what are the deffirences between past perfect and past perfect continuous .

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    Re: hello

    About present perfect:
    We can use both the present perfect simple and the present perfect continuous to speak about situations that started in the past and are still continuing and also about situations that have just finished and affect the present. The difference between the two tenses in both these situations is one of focus.

    If we say: I've been writing letters all morning.

    we are focusing on the action of writing itself, and thinking of it as an extended activity that may not have finished yet.

    If we say: I've written six letters this morning.
    we are focusing on the idea that the six letters have already been completed.

    Check out this link:
    I hope it helps you because I didn't understand these tenses either.
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