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    firsthand exposture to the degree

    I don't understand the following in red. What is it saying?

    Put yourself in my role-player's position and listen carefully to all questions posed to you; provide only the information requested. ..... By providing only the information requested, you will have firsthand exposure to the degree to which most people depend on your offering more than what was asked in order to get the information they wanted.

    Thank you.

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    Re: firsthand exposture to the degree

    First-hand exposure means personal experience; the degree to which people rely on others expansive answers means that people tend to provide more information than was requested, so it is possible to ask smaller questions with the aim of getting bigger answers.

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    Re: firsthand exposture to the degree

    I am not a teacher.

    I agree with "first hand exposure" but I don't interpret the second part in that way at all.

    It's not that most people give more information than they were asked for, it's that that's what most people expect you to do. In fact, they don't ask the right questions and will only get the answers they actually want if the person being questioned does more than just answer the question.

    It is saying that by only answering the question you will realise how much the other person wanted you to say more.

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