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Thread: gearbox?

  1. Elena25


    I'm not sure this question will be right placed here, but I hope you'll at least try to answer it. How do you say, I mean in English, when you are driving your car backwards?
    And something else is a gearbox the same things as stick?

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    Re: gearbox?

    Hello Elena

    When you drive backwards you are 'reversing'.e.g. I hate reversing into parking spaces.To reverse the car you put it in reverse gear.The gears are parts of the motor which have to do with transmitting power to the engine.The gear box is the set of gears in a car and the metal box that contains them.The stick which you use to change gears(from first to second to third etc) is called the gear lever.


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    Re: gearbox?

    As a footnote:

    The stick is also known as a "gearstick". And you can use "in reverse" on its own, e.g.

    1. How fast will your car go in reverse?



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