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    Records Going Back To

    Possible difference in meaning of "going back to":

    1 "A record going back to 1980"
    2 "Records going back to 1980"

    The first sentence means the record has existed since 1980.
    But does the second sentence mean that EVERY single record has existed since 1980, or that the totality of records have its beginning in the 1980, with the possibility that some of the records were added after 1980?

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    Re: Records Going Back To

    I am not a teacher.

    These are not sentences, and it's not clear whether you are talking about music discs or written accounts.

    If it's about music, for 1. I would just say, "A record from 1980."

    From 2. I would take it that there were many records, at least one of which was from 1980.

    If it's about written accounts it is usual to talk about "records" in the plural, so only 2. would sound right to me.

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