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    John Steinbeck: The Grapes of Wrath

    I read the book The Grapes of Wrath by J. Steinbeck... and I wrote a little about it (for school) - could you correct it, please?

    Joad family: Ma
    Tom – son of Ma and Pa; just freed from prison, is on parole
    Noah – their eldest son; always slow and quiet
    Al – their teenage son, interested in girls and cars (he has learned about cars and this is useful for the family)
    Rosasharn – their daughter, recently married Connie Rivers; expecting a baby (at the end of the book she bears it, but it’s dead)
    Ruthie – young kid, Joad’s daughter
    Winfield - young kid, Joad’s son (Ruthie and Winfield are too young to understand everything that is happening. For them, this new life is a big adventure.)
    Uncle John
    Jim Casy – used to be a preacher
    Connie Rivers – married to Rosasharn; they expect a baby together

    The Joad family have been tenant farmers for many years. Although they were never rich, they were never paupers – until now. The banks in Oklahoma forced the tenant farmers off their farms. The Joad family (as many others) put everything they own into a truck and leave Oklahoma for California.
    They read a handbill that read that many pickers and workers are wanted. That is why decide to go just to California. They believe they will be able to start their new lives there… But it’s not as easy as it might seem.
    It’s a very long way to California and the Grandpa, and later also Grandma, die on the way. When Joads finally get to the “real“ California, they have to share camps with strangers and are often forced to leave by local sheriffs.
    The Californians don’t like the “Oakies“ (this is how they call the people who came from Oklahoma) evidently. They treat them like “dirty nothing“ and exploit their labour.
    At the end of the book, Tom, who was on parole, kills a sheriff and has to leave the family and hide. Rosasharn (left by her 19-year-old husband Connie), bears a dead baby. At the moment, there are floods in the camp.
    Later, on their way from the flooded camp, they see an old unflooded barn. They go to this dry place and there they find an old man and a boy. The man is very ill and can’t eat – only drink soups etc. Rosasharn lets him drink her motherly milk.

    My own opinion: I liked the book, anyway. It is a work full of emotions and things that happen to ordinary people. Life is not easy and this book is the proof. It tells us both how difficult and beautiful it is to live. The Joad family always do their best to stay together and help each other. They hope and believe in better future, althiugh (at least I believe so) they know – it’s hidden somewhere at the bottom of their ideas – that it is not easy to survive and the future might not be good. They set off for California to live better, to earn some money, to have a job….just to prove that renowned “American dream“ can really happen to anyone. But the real world is difficult and everyone just tries to exploit them.
    It’s a very realistic story and depicts lives of real people, their souls – that is, in my opinion, why many people like this book.

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    Re: John Steinbeck: The Grapes of Wrath

    that read that - says
    to go just to- to go to
    the Grandpa- Grandpa
    althiugh- although

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