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    the shape of one's hair


    I just couldn't find a proper image to illustrate my question. But I just want to know how I could describe how one's hair (just a few strands of hair that stay really distinguished from the rest of his hair) looks like when he wakes up. Can I use 'stick out', 'outstand' or 'raised'?


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    Re: the shape of one's hair

    What you describe is called a 'cowlick.'

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    Re: the shape of one's hair

    You could also say it's sticking up.

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    Re: the shape of one's hair

    I think 'sticking up' is best.

    Here's a pic of riquecohen's suggestion of 'cowlick': Is that what you mean?

    WordNet has a neat definition of 'cowlick':

    A tuft of hair that grows in a different direction from the rest of the hair and usually will not lie flat.

    Many people go to a lot of trouble to deliberately create this effect with the use of hair gel:

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