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    A piece of mind on basketball

    I've always amazed when I see people on the basketball court dribbling, making crossovers and finally a spectacular shot.During the time when I was on my studies as a postgraduate, I was really crazy about NBA players. I still remember that I never missed any playoff games at that time. As I considered it so amazing that players can shoot the ball downtown so accurately that every evening, at 7-8 o'clock, I used to go out to the university court with a ball, trying to imitate the 3-pointer shooters. At that time, Ray Allen was my favorite star and he still is, though he is about to be at the age of 40, which is a time that he is about to leave the court.

    Needless to say, the most exciting thing is no other than playing basketball happily. It is a real me with a smile on my face, trying my best to grasp every chance to win, otherwise the game will have little meaning. The most exhilarating thing to me today is that I managed to save my team from failure. Just before the game was over, I succeeded in making 4 consecutive shots, helping my team to win the match when the situation was adverse. That really meant something to me. On one hand, I've benifitted glory and happiness because of our victory. On the other hand, an important thing I've learnt from this game is that we should always cooperate with others positively, not only in the game, but also in our work. Teamwork is the key to success if you want to make great achivements, which is a rule that we should always keep in mind.

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    Re: A piece of mind on basketball

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