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    help me check these exercises

    Please check
    Often people will still believe that if men fail to take up the cause .
    But I think the only career loss less fortunate .
    To take the new family is the failure of the husband is .
    With a view to take up a career who is the loser , the value of man is identical with authority , money ...
    , the first expression of masculine strength .
    But I think , men or males have more power if it 's just luck .
    Fortunately, in the sense that there is good , no it does not matter .
    Those who did not approve of this idea that shows finance career and location of man . No false .
    But not only need to finance a new career and location .
    The preserve , protect and develop their happy family requires no less ingenious .
    Family categories appear very early in human history and is an important institution related to the activities of the society and the individual .
    People will not be happy if the lack of family warmth family home is the greatest happiness that we once had , where we are caring loving parents , worried , happy family is the most precious thing in life , without it we could not live and grew up , where the family is protecting us and help us in difficult times and shared the sad feeling happy , do not do justice to a tingle of such feeling as if broken home you'll feel lonely sadness and depression outside the family but we also have friends but foreign literature says "Family , family friends rather than " let 's appreciate what we have because there is nothing in this world is valuable and what is not perfect and forever .
    Because once you do take the time to rethink know that regret , so let 's appreciate what you yourself are okay .
    also a philosophical wire The family is a safe house for shelter in our lives .
    For our family meals, warm, loving but remember when everyone went away .
    The family is where we learn to love , wan center , ng care other than ourselves out .
    Family is where we learned a way of life , communication tips Zoi community .
    Family , where I can confide .
    The family is the spiritual and physical best when we collapse .
    The family is 1fan small society , polymorphism , want to post interesting .
    in short, for me family is the most precious thing in life me.there nothing can replace the

    It's hard to imagine life without the Internet would be like Still some people still claim that their lives would be meaningless if there is no Internet .
    But along with the benefits that still exist due to the Internet there is a downside , there is not enough free time to enjoy life , especially for young people We can see that the Internet has dominated almost every field , from medicine , engineering , teaching to the business world  The Internet has really enhanced the workplace especially for the majority of individuals that .
    The most serious drawback is that the Internet has become an addiction for millions of users .
    What is addiction , what are the bad habits are not to be missed ....
    Now, psychologists in many countries bring up emergency response to a malady of the new fad , which is Internet addiction .
    Appeared in Vietnam in a couple of years ago but the pace of development by storm , online games quickly rose to become the kind of entertainment is the most popular youth in the present moment .
    The " Gamers " are wasting too much time , and mental health in the game pointless .
    When abused , whether it's the gentle game for women, it also causes more travel implications , not to mention the violent and depraved game .
    And, of course , is not to play games development or creative personality , which only brings deviant ideas with unpredictable consequences .
    Pupils and students have online gaming addiction manifests as pale due to lack of sleep , learning the weak force , shot in poor health , and more delusional ...
    I also have violent behavior when the game mimics the game .
    Recently there are some paranoid gamer died from suicide in loss of control .
    It is the disease of schizophrenia often paranoid , depression .
    Not only violent games , currently appear more game characters pictures cool dress , " poor " .
    This is an issue warnings to society should intervene and stop time for the youth of today and tomorrow.
    According to research , there are four symptoms of Internet addiction : forget the time , distracted eating and sleeping ; anger , stress , anxiety when not online ; be equipped with more powerful computers , new software ; manifestations of depression , or anger and social isolation .Internet Addiction - an act which causes stress to the lives of the victims and for the whole family , friends , colleagues - is a psychological disease that has spread worldwide .
    Currently, there are about 5-10 % of Americans ( or about 15-20 million people ) may have been addicted to the Internet , Kimberly Young , director of the Center for Internet Addiction of America , said .
    Net addicts up from 18-30 % in China , South Korea and Taiwan .- Coleen Moore , coordinator at the Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery , said she has clients from school age to adulthood , including those who spend 14-18 hours per day on the network - Online gaming is a form of Internet addiction and is spreading rapidly among young people .
    Brian Robbins , a member of the Association of International Game Developers , said the number of people addicted to playing video games online is increasing.
    " As many as 90-95 % of web games are free ," Robbins said .cause - Do not self -employed , running trend crowd .
    Satisfying the imagination , forget reality .
    The youth of this disease is often those with the attitude problem behavior , guilt .
    On the Internet to reinforce their confidence .
    Major networks in the world , they feel successful .Addicts are not interested in studying , working , or even drop out of school , quit .- Reduce exposure to family , friends , living isolated in front of a computer ,- The Internet addicts often suffer from depression , fear and unwillingness to communicate with others .
    Many children with sleep disorders , numbness of hands .Also , solutions for internet addiction in Vietnam , according to you , why ?Like alcohol or drug addiction such, Internet addiction brings certain consequences of psychological , physical and relationship around .

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    Re: help me check these exercises

    When are you going to submit this work to your teacher/tutor?
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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