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    help me check my essay"way to improve English"

    Read every day - Reading is an effective way to help improve your English grammar itself .
    The more you read , the more you understand how the natives how to use English .
    To truly useful reading , read documents from various sources - Newspapers, novels , scientific books , blogs , magazines ...
    Write a diary or blog - As a child we often parents and teachers reiterated a "Practice succesful ! Practice . Practice . Practice " .
    Likewise grammar is something you have to practice for a long time , you need to be able to practice competently .
    Write a journal or blog is a way of training - it requires you to write often.
    It also is a way for you to see your own progress throughout the process .
    Not just a training method , diary and your blog is also a way to store information .
    Writing is a job that requires you to concentrate , so you can learn and receive information faster .
    Learning from different sources - the Internet is a great source of information - information from the internet is huge !
    You can find everything online - including things we can help you improve your English .
    You can find these free materials for different learning styles - listening, reading , memory cards , quiz , word games , and many other ways .
    You need to spend some time every day to practice grammar .
    Learn the rules of English grammar is not simple .
    It takes time , patience , and a lot of practice .
    If you are really serious about improving English proficiency - Train brings success .
    So let's practice , practice , practice .
    Every morning before going to wake up you try to memorize some vocabulary and use words you just learned to write a brief paragraph 1 or at least one sentence .
    This will help you remember the long and easy to know how to manipulate them in any situation .
    Every day you go to practice listening to and speaking English in the media or on the web, it will help you increase your English listening and speaking skills , you can learn more pronunciation.
    You also need to learn English idioms and phrases to establish how common or phrases , verb phrases .
    You should prepare specialized terminology that I do not know , the word important and necessary for your job and be able to use this website translator english free online network such as Google , to Babylon can translate words or key phrases .
    To learn vocabulary quickly and long-term memory , can learn with paper card ( Flash Card ) .
    It is the same size as the sample paper business card , a note from the English side , from the other side of that record .
    Cultivate the club Listen - say that one of the weaknesses of students - students learning English Vietnam .
    One place that helps you to improve this is the club ( club ) English.
    In short,If you want to succeed , you need to love the learning process .
    You must see your time for English as well as time for recreation and relaxation .
    For example , you must be interested in : 1 .
    Develop a passion to learn English Read the English sentence and think about its structure Learning new words from a dictionary Write a correct English sentence by reference dictionaries , grammar books , and on the Web .
    Practice pronunciation of words and the sounds of English 2 .
    Creating change from the routine of everyday life . 3 .
    Continue to create change in your life

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    Re: help me check my essay"way to improve English"

    When are you going to submit this essay to your teacher/tutor?
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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