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Thread: Introduction 2

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    Introduction 2

    Would somebody please comment my English?

    In Australia, Y is one of the ultimate goals of the National Medicine Policy. All partners in the National Medicine Policy namely Governments Commonwealth, State and Territories, health educators, health practitioners and other healthcare providers and suppliers, the medicines industry, healthcare consumers and the media are expected to work in partnership in delivering better health outcomes for all Australians.

    As an important player in achieving the objectives of the Y, medicine industry has signicant role in providing appropriate information about medicines for health professionals. The National Strategy for Quality Use of Medicine acquires commitment from the medicines industry to work in partnership to achieve the Y.

    Despite the good policies that have been developed, Y is not yet widely implemented on the ground.The extent of the implementation from the medicines industry through the pharmaceutical advertisement is still unknown.

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    Re: Introduction 2

    Policy namely- namely,
    medicines industry- I'd use pharmaceutical, but I'm not a specialist
    medicine industry - the
    signicant role- a significant
    the Y- you're not consistent in the use/non-use of the article
    through the- through to the

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