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To say any percentage of English words "are native" is bizarre. English is mostly a mixture of German, French, some Scandinavian languages, etc, localised over time just like the formation of any language. Before they spoke English, the inhabitants of the British Isles spoke at various times Gaelic, Latin, what is now called 'Welsh' and other languages. Therefore, your research question is fundamentally flawed
It may seem strange to you but English language have some words which don't have any relation to other languages. It makes some people think that native english words exist.
English language belongs to Germanic, but it doesn't mean that it has borrowed lots of mordern German words. So that old english words of Germanic origin can be considered as Native English.
So, what's strange do you see in my research?
Moreover, it is considired by Russian Linguists that English language has about 30% of Native words.