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    do boxing / go boxing

    Can a boxer say "I do boxing professionally"
    Can anyone say "I go boxing" (= do it as a sport) if he attends boxing training classes?
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    If I were a native speaker of English, I would never shut up. :-)

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    Re: do boxing / go boxing

    I am not a teacher.

    A boxer would say, "I box professionally". Only if he's taken a few too many to the head might he say "I do boxing professionally"

    It would be fine for a regular activity to say something like, "I go boxing on Tuesdays"

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    Re: do boxing / go boxing

    (Not a Teacher)

    I feel that a native speaker won't necessarily cock an eyebrow if you say, "I do boxing professionally."

    For instance:
    "I do carpentry for a living."
    "He does a little boxing on the side."
    "I do sparring whenever I get the chance."
    "She does weight lifting in international competitions."

    I'm not saying it's always preferable over using the verb, but "do + participle" isn't an unnatural construction either.

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