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    exists elsewhere, as in

    Hi. It's a study on trade unions.
    In the last phrase I am not sure whether the fear exists in the Nordic countries as elsewhere or quite the contrary.

    "In developing special arrangements for women, and also for ‘minority’ groups with distinctive interests, some elements can be contentious. The whole idea of special treatment, though designed to correct existing inequality of opportunity, may be seen as negating the principle of equality and non-discrimination. In France, there is a widespread fear that special measures may create ‘a risk of marginalising or even “ghettoising”’ women and minorities. In part this may reflect the distinctive French conception of ‘republican values’: all citizens are equal and thus there should be no differentiation, for example through ethnic monitoring. But the fear that special arrangements may be divisive exists elsewhere, as in the Nordic countries.
    Thank you.

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    Re: exists elsewhere, as in



    It means the fear is not limited to France but it also exists in other places like the Nordic countries.

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