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    Question Plzzzz help me improve my cover letter !!!

    Hello all,

    I am applying for international training program. I have written the first draft of my cover letter. Plz read it n give me ur advice on the grammer and content and anything else tht could be improved.

    thanks in advance :)

    Cover Letter

    I am writing to apply for the International Graduate Program and more specifically for a placement in the Mechanical Engineering division. At present, I am working at ABC as intern for the fulfillment of my MSc. degree in ‘Quality and Management’. I completed my bachelors in ‘Mechanical Engineering’ in 2001 after which, I had worked for three years in engineering industry before pursuing for master education.

    My career objective is to pursue a challenging career, which will offer me various job responsibilities in a global work environment. The International Graduate Program attracted me because it offers an international career and a tailored training program to develop my professional and personal skills. In the era of globalization, organizations have no boundaries and they have to compete globally for their survival, therefore working in international environment is crucial for my career growth. During training I will be working on real job assignments it will provide me opportunities to face the challenges present in the current industry and this will give me a solid foundation for my future career. Further the interaction within industry will provide me opportunity to learn the latest tools and technique in the industry. In this training program I will be working with senior managers and other graduates and hence I can learn from their experience and share knowledge with them. To share an international experience within a team and to be able to develop and gain valuable knowledge and experience are my primary reasons for pursuing the Global Graduate Program.

    I am interested in working in XYZ because it is the world’s largest diversified resources company and it is working globally and it has its operations in my native country. I was motivated to join XYZ as the business areas of XYZ are aligned with my education background so I can put my theoretical knowledge into practice and further it will provide career growth opportunities to me. I feel I have a range of relevant skills and knowledge that I can bring to XYZ. I have a double qualification in Engineering and Management coupled with three years of working experience in a multi-cultural environment. I believe I will be flying with high colors in the Global Graduate Program. My interpersonal skills have greatly developed during my work experience both at ABC where I am working with the Swedish and French teams and at LMN with the Japanese team. During my current studies I have not only written project reports but also frequently presented them in front of students. Most of the courses involve small groups of students from different countries working as a team to co-search and co-present a topic. This taught me a lot about working in a multi-cultural environment and also gave me the opportunity to practice my presentation skills. I believe I have presented to a high standard and have learnt many of the principles behind effective presentations.

    I have a deep passion to learn about other cultures. During this training I will be relocated to different locations, it gives me opportunity to discover different cultures and meet new peoples. I am very ambitious and flexible and I can adapt to whatever assignment is given to me. Beside different geographical locations, this training program also offers cross functional responsibilities, it will give me a chance to learn about other functions and get the big picture of the organization. I believe working in XYZ will provide me with the challenging and innovative environment that I am looking for. In the end I will say that after the completion of the training program I will be relocated to my home country which is highly desirable for me because I think I will have an edge over others when working in my native country as I am already aware about my working culture and environment of my home country.

    Thank you very much for considering my application. I hope that you'll find my resume of interest, and I look forward to the possibility of a personal interview.

    -- End of file

    Thnx a lot for reading my cover letter

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    Re: Plzzzz help me improve my cover letter !!!

    in 2001 after which, I had worked- in 2001, after which I worked
    engineering industry- the
    pursuing for master education- pursuing a Master's degree
    survival, therefore- survival. Therefore, (or ; therefore,)
    Further- furthermore,
    within industry- the
    job assignments it will-job assignments, which will
    graduates and hence- graduates, hence
    and it has its- and has its
    Management coupled- Management, coupled
    This taught me- has
    locations, it gives- locations, which gives (repeat mistake)
    responsibilities, it will (again) If you like, you could use a semi-colon
    In the end I will say - To end, I can say
    about my working culture- the
    you'll - you will

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    Re: Plzzzz help me improve my cover letter !!!


    Thanks dude for helping me wid my cover letter.


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    Re: Plzzzz help me improve my cover letter !!!

    You're welcome- good luck.

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