people used to think that the more siblings, the better.But now, more and more people think that being an only child is more advantageous.
First of all, as the only child, I can own my parents ' whloe love instead of sharing with my brother like now.They will care me more not only on life but also on my study. With more time and more money devoted into my study, they can give me better education.
As a elder sister in my family, I feel ignored by my parents sometimes. However, to my surprise,my brother once said to me that he thought our parents cared me more than him.
Being an only child can bring less pressure not only to our parents but also to our society. If we all be the only child in our family, the population will be reduced.
We know that nature resources are not enough for us average, so the more people,the less resources. When looked back on the street which passed lots of people, I konw large population do be harm to environment---it was full of rubbish.Of course, it not only bring the pressure on resources and environment, but also bring the pressure on jobs. For example, If there are only ten apples in the world, only the upper class people can own them. While if there are ten thousand or more apples in the world, more people can taste them. It is the same with job hunting. we can have more choices when it comes to look for jobs.
If I get married one day, I will have only one child in my house.