During Job Hunting, My Choice Is Money
“Do what you love and love what you do” is the workplace mantra of our time. Different people have different opinions about this topic that money and job satisfaction which is more important for job hunting.
As for me, I think money is more important than job satisfaction. Firstly, we all know that nowadays, It become so difficult for young people to find job. The important reason is that they are not satisfied with job which some companies provide to them. So, they have been out of the work. On the contrary, If they don’t raise high requirement, choose one job and do it at first, maybe they will find some other interests they have never thought before. At the meantime, they can offer their life and decrease their parents’ pressure.
Secondly, with the development of economy, varieties of things become more expensive than before. we must make sure that we can make enough money to support our family. Let our children and parents live a better life in the future.
Thirdly, the world has always changed, maybe it couldn’t develop with our expectation, So we have not enough time to find our favorite job. We must value our time and do some other things. As teenagers, we must learn how to live in the sociality and have the capacity of making money by ourselves other than relay on our parents.
At last, I want to say that when I find a job, I could pay my attention to money. Maybe that job isn’t my real choice, but I will try to love what I do.