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    Question Can't understand meaning of the certain sentence.

    I cannot understand meaning of the certain sentence from a paragraph I read.
    Here is the paragraph.

    Ironically, it's usually when we try to do something right that we wind up doing something wrong. That's because the more balls yo try to juggle, the more likely to drop one. You hope many extracurricular activities will get you into your first choice college, so you spend hours working out with the football club, run for student government, and volunteer for hours on the afternoons, Meanwhile, you make time to try to keep your grade up. With that kind of pressure, you can misread an assignment, double book your schedule, or otherwise let people down - but it's not your parents' fault or your friends'. They aren't expecting too much of you by asking for one spot in your hectic schedule. It's up to you to recognize your limits, not sign up for too many extracurricular activities, and admit when you've dropped the ball.

    This is all I read, there was just this one paragraph - where I read this - , nothing more.

    Here are my thoughts below.

    I cannot understand the exact meaning which the sentence - the bold one - want to mean.

    Why the writer abruptly wanted to explain that the parents and the friends are not expecting too much of him or her by asking for one spot in his/her hectic schedule? Even though he/she let them down, is there any need to explain that is not their - the parents' and the friends' - fault? I felt that those two - 'but it's not....' and 'they aren't expecting...' - did not fit well in that paragraph.
    They were too abrupt for me to understand.

    Could you elaborate about the plot of the paragraph above?

    I am feeling sorry about my English is not good.
    Thank you for reading! :)

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    Re: Can't understand meaning of the certain sentence.

    When someone is very busy and a friend or family member asks for some of that person's time, the person may resent the request because of the hectic schedule. This sentence points out that it is not the fault of the requester. It is the fault of the busy person for having taken on too many projects.

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