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    Motivation letter for university

    Hi everyone! Please help me review this Motivation Letter for Master's program in Business Informatics.
    I've read hundred of tips and recommendations and it seems now that the letter is too long and the language is rather complicated.
    Thank you in advance!

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I would like to apply for the Master's Degree Program in Business Informatics at XX University. My interest in this area first arose during undergraduate course of studies in World Economics. It introduced me to a variety of subjects related to different aspects of economics and business and provided me with a strong footing in the theoretical concepts of them. However courses presupposed usage of software for economic modeling and required data collection and analysis captivated my interest the most. Of course different tools and applications themselves interested me, but also I considered each task as an opportunity to apply practically theoretical knowledge and to obtain my own results, even though at the beginning they had only educational meaning.

    In the meantime I have evidently understood that in modern society information technology deeply penetrates into all fields of humanís life. Economic environment is constantly metamorphosing and business requires complex approach, which combines traditional managerial competences and information technology in all its diversity. I know for certain that usage of information technology can become significant competitive advantage for numerous enterprises, and hence to be the key to their success. It seems to me that such discipline will be much in demand in the near future. All above mentioned explain my interest to this cross-sectional domain and desire to proceed with my education in this area.

    Having achieved strong academic results, I graduated with a Bachelor Degree in a World Economics and a Specialization in Foreign economic activity management from XX University. During the past 5 I have worked in one of the biggest XX agricultural holdings. I started in sales department where one my main tasks lied in organization of delivery system from the ground up. This required a lot of efforts and knowledge in various spheres of business process (finance, marketing, logistics, law, accounting), but in the result Iíve received indispensable experience of independent work, communication with private industry and state machinery and economic planning. Luckily my accomplishments were noticed by the company's Management and a year after I was promoted to the Supply Chain Manager (the position I obtain till now). Apart from typical day-to-day activities one of my most favorite responsibilities is establishing of new business contacts with foreign companies. Passing step by step through all the stages from initial negotiations to final products application really provides me with a huge sense of accomplishment. In the meantime during my work I exploited various supply chain work flow systems used in different European countries which helped me to understand the importance of informational technology in business processes.

    After 5 years of professional experience I became mature enough to decide in which area I intend to specialize and develop. I reckon that Master program will give me an opportunity to fill in the gap in technical knowledge, to develop complex approach, which combines management concepts with computer science technologies, aimed for creating solutions tailored to business problems. Studying the courses included in this Master program will let me understand how analyze and optimize business processes on the enterprises, how implement new Information Technology solutions, align business strategies and corporate goals with constantly changing economic environment.

    Following the Masterís Degree I aspire to work in the area of technical consultancy, especially I am engaged with developing informational infrastructure at business companies. I believe that work in this domain, use of its tools and approaches can give meaningful result and will increase effectiveness of the business in our region.

    Although this master program is very competitive and engage highly purposeful students, I hope that the combination of academic knowledge, working experience in a big company, and understanding of the domain give me a strong recommendation for a place in the program. I will be deeply honored if you decide to accept my candidature.

    Thank you for considering my application.
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