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    Question using the word deduce in a sentence

    how do you use the word deduce in a sentence?

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    Re: using the word deduce in a sentence

    Some examples:
    1 A27 is kidnapped. Now if he is kidnapped, what may we deduce? That a person has done so in order to extract the monnaie
    2 A2W William Rees-Mogg's conclusions further, is it not logical to deduce that while "Italy is the cradle of European civilisation",
    3 A4S been told --; the MPs of the future, perhaps --; deduce from all this lavish praise that the faeces are something worth keeping
    4 A56 anyone who is exceptionally slow-witted. Just in case you fail to deduce, for example, that war is more a matter of narcissistic games-playing
    5 A6Y spending by taking out an overdraft; no bank manager would deduce from such figures that the same growth could, or should,
    6 A79 not take place at football matches. It is unacceptable to deduce from the lack of prosecutions that hooligan behaviour was formerly tolerated to
    7 AAG surface made from the exterior, it may be possible to deduce whether or not it applies by noting the pattern of nails which have penetrated
    8 ABH Daedalus is developing a new word-processing program. It tries to deduce what, if anything, the author has to say, and
    9 ABM , that Patriot missiles sometimes fail. It is easy to deduce that other systems do, too; many targets are being hit
    10 ACA according to how it is illuminated by the sun, we can deduce that it is a globe, and not the flat disc it
    11 ACA saintly characters were killed off, readers might be inclined to deduce that "the sure reward of virtue is a fatal accident.
    12 ADA of the urban proletariat was natural; one can not safely deduce from it any decisive change in attitude towards death and survival.

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