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    There are always many debates about education

    Please comment on my IELTS essay:

    Write about the following topic:
    Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of high school students having part-time jobs.

    Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.


    There are always many debates about education. One of them is whether forcing, or at least encouraging high school students to have part time job. The issue is quite controversial. Unfortunately, there does not seem any broad agreement on what high school education is for. And this particular part time job for high school students controversy is part of the disagreement. In general, there are 2 camps in this disagreement: the idealist and the realist.

    The idealist loves the idea of high school students doing part time job. They believe that this is an excellent way to build work ethics. Of course, the importance of work ethics is undisputable. Good comparison can be drawn with German apprentice system. In Germany, an apprentice who is working as baker must wake up very early to bake bread. People eat bread in the morning and people prefer their bread warm. So like it or not, the apprentice must wake up very early. That is certainly a great way to build work ethics.

    However, the realist considers that to be just a dream. For them, high school is simply to prepare students to go to good universities. Let us be realistic, most high school students want to continue their education. they want to go to good universities. Unfortunately, most universities do not care about their applicant's work experience, not for undergraduate degree admission at least. It is better to allocate the part time job time for examination problem exercise, or better yet, for academic competition training. These are the factors which can make or break someone's chance to go to university. Another thing, for university graduates who are about to start their career, no employer would care about the potential employee's experience on mopping floor or flipping burger during high school days.

    In short, this controversy is part of general controversy about high school education. The idealist wants high school education which builds character. Meanwhile, the realist only wants to send the students to good universities. The controversy is far from being over, unfortunately.
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