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    Question Would you care to heip me polish the language of my introductory speech?

    Introductory Speech

    Good morning my dear teacher and classmates:
    My name is Linda. I want to introduce a girl of our class to all of you today. And you can guess who she is according to my description.
    The first time you meet her, you may think she is a very quiet, shy and introverted girl. She does not talk with you actively, so you may think she is very hard to get along with.
    However, when you know more about her, you will find she is not an indifferent person as she looks like. Oppositely, she is a kind and friendly
    girl. And she is always ready to help those who are in trouble. What’s more, sometimes, she can be very naughty, playful and outgoing.
    On Girl’s Day, when she was playing games with her roommate on the square of the second canteen, she was so excited that she spoke loudly, which surprised her other friends. They told her they didn’t believe she could be so lively. And she answered maybe that was the real her.
    Now, could you tell me who she is?
    Yes, it’s me. And I am such a quiet but naughty, shy but playful, introverted but outgoing girl.
    That’s all. Thank you for your listening.
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