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Thread: will be waiting

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    will be waiting

    1. I will be waiting for you.
    2. I will wait for you.

    What are the differences in meaning of the above sentence? Which situation we use that in?

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    Re: will be waiting

    Hi Shibli,

    Without the wider context it is difficult to know exactly what the differences in meaning are, but in general, sentence one describes an action in progress at a specific future time e.g., I'll be waiting for you outside the cinema at 7.30pm. We sometimes use future continuous to describe something that happens as a result of an arrangement or a normal routine e.g., Speaker A: After the plane lands, I''l be waiting for you in the arrivals lounge (used as an arrangement) or Speaker A: What are you doing tonight? Speaker B: I'll be training at the gym (= I always train at the gym; it's my normal routine).

    Sentence two is probably just future simple used to express a decision made at the moment of speaking e.g., Speaker A: I'll pick you up after work. Speaker B: OK. I'll wait for you outside. See you later.

    Hope this helps.



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