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    Omission of prepositions


    I know that there are rules for omission of prepositions of time before "next, last, this" etc, are there any other circumstances that prepositions of time and location are omitted? I have noticed that prepositions are omitted sometimes before dates, for instance, I found both usages on the Internet as shown below. Are they both correct?

    The deadline is 1 Jan.
    The deadline is on 1 Jan.

    There are 2 sentences in particular that I would like to seek your help. Which sentence is correct?

    1. The venue is Ballroom 1 of H Hotel./ The venue is in Ballroom 1 of H Hotel.
    2. The time is 6pm./ The time is at 6pm.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Re: Omission of prepositions

    1 I would not use a preposition, because the whole room is the venue.
    2 I would not use a preposition because it is the time. I would say the meeting is at 6pm, not the time is at 6pm.

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