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    "government and private policy"

    Hi everyone

    Can someone tell me what "government and private policy" mean?

    Here's the whole sentence:"He had managed to rise through government and private policy ranks to become the Secretary of State of the United States."

    I googled "government and private policy" and it seems to be a very common phrase. Somehow I can't really understand the concept of it. I thought government policy is all about public, then what "private policy" means? Is it the same as "privacy policy?"

    Someone please help me. Thanks!

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    Re: "government and private policy"

    Where did you see that sentence? I think that it refers to private sector policy groups, a number of non-profit, non-governmental organizations (private) which are involved in public policy issues. They may fight hunger, conduct social or political research, or be concerned with other domestic or international policy issues. Some well-known ones are the Carter Center, the Rand Corporation, the Hudson Institute, etc.

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