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    Help Me

    My name is Malathi, I am from India, know I am fishing my XII STD, basically I am Tamil medium student, I very poor in English so how can I improve my English read and writing knowledge, help me

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    Re: Help Me

    Dear Malathi,

    1. First of all remove the feeling of inferiority complex of "tamil medium" from your mind. Improve your confidence.
    2. Read "The Hindu" newspaper every day atleast for 30 minutes - whether you understand anything or not.
    3. Try to think in English. This is important. To speak in english, you have to think in english. For example, when you are hungry, do not think "enakku pasikkudhu". Instead think, "I am feeling hungry".

    Start this today and tell me your views after thirty days. Email me at [email protected]




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