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    What a wonderful lesson on interfere/intervene!!!!!!

    I can't thank you enough for what I have been taught here, and you are very nice people. :)

    Regarding what you have posted:
    We can choose both when we describe an obstruction,while only "intervene" serve the porpuse of positive actions.

    As to their usage, we can "intervene in'' or "intervene between", but we
    don't "interfere with".

    Have you found anything wrong?

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    Re: interfere/intervene

    Quote Originally Posted by Casiopea
    Quote Originally Posted by AUTOMOON
    I came across these two when learning new words.
    Anybody detail me the differences between?

    Thanks a lot.

    Well, first of all, intervene comes from Latin and interfere comes from Middle French. Second of all,

    intervene means, come between or come in the middle of, from Latin inter- "between" + venire "come".

    interfere means, strike between, prevent, obstruct, meddle with, from Middle French entre- "between" + ferir "to strike".

    To intervene is to act as a middle person so as to help the flow of the process.

    To interfere is to obstruct the flow of the process.


    Could you intervene on my behalf? (OK) act as a middle person
    Could you interfere on my behalf? (Not OK) act as one who meddles

    You wouldn't ask anybody to interfere, but you might ask somebody to intervene.

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