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    Fast Listening question

    Hey everybody,
    Last day I sit for an English exam. In one of its part, we had Listening questions. It was a bit fast for us, however. I want to know what the answer and the link is below. Would you please tell me the answer and I will work on it more by myself.

    How many countries are there?
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    Re: Fast Listening question

    The speaker in the video seemed to be taking very fast on purpose. I have no idea why. I does not surprise me that a NNES had trouble with it.

    The only answer the video could come up with is "about" 200".

    You opened your question with "last day". That is incorrect. Did you mean "yesterday"? Your second sentence should have "parts" instead of "part" or you could delete "of its". I don't see any reason to capitalize "listening". The next sentence should be "I want to know what the answer is in the link below." Your last sentence combines a question with a statement. It would be better as "Please tell me the answer, and I will work on it more by myself."

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