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Thread: considerate

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    Hi guys,

    Please check these sentences.

    1) It was very mean of him to take all the good things for himself

    2) It was very sensible of him to get the theives arrested.

    3) It is very clever of him to take advantage of the situation whenever he gets the opportunity.
    but how to use "considerate"?

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    Re: considerate

    Very good. :) You can use "considerate" to describe someone who is careful not to inconvenience others. ;)

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    Re: considerate

    You can use it to describe someone who thinks about other people when speaking or acting.

    A very considerate young man gave up his seat on the bus to me when he saw that I was in agony with a bad back.
    My friend knew that my father had just died so she didn't talk too much about what a lovely time she had had with her parents. That was very considerate of her.
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