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    Motivation Letter

    Thank you for the advices on the letter!

    Dear sir or madam:
    Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read my motivation letter. My name is Jiang Xue. I知 a junior student from Harbin Institute of Technology (China), majoring in Electrical Engineering. I知 writing you this letter hoping to apply for the exchange program during the winter semester of 2014.

    With the rapid development of society, the electronic and automation technology has gained an increasingly attention. As a college student who is highly interested in the modern technic, I知 eager to search for chances to widen my horizon in science. It is universally believed that Germany is one of the important industrial countries, therefore, I really dream of getting a chance to study there. Furthermore, among universities in Germany, TUM, with its professional teaching faculty, strong research capabilities, and various training bases, enjoys a high reputation all over the world. It will be a rare opportunity if I知 admitted to spend a semester in TUM. There are several factors that fascinate me about this: To start with, from the academic point of view, curriculums in TUM provide me with a different teaching method, which, helps me learn the knowledge in an innovative way. What痴 more, living in a foreign land gives me a challenge to take a close encounter with the exotic culture and the multicultural atmosphere. It is not only meaningful for opening my mind, but also beneficial in developing the ability of independence. Last but not least, the experience as an exchange student will be a really special and valuable memory in my four years in the university. I値l treasure it as a gift for my university life. In a nutshell, exchanging to TUM is this kind of thing for me.

    As an EE student, my study field in TUM is still over Electronics and Automation. During the winter semester, I plan to take 4 courses, namely, VHDL System Design Laboratory, Real-Time Programming Languages, Electronic Design Automation, Inside my iPhone - Technology analysis of a smart phone. Since these courses are taught in English, I will do some preparation for each class to better understand it. Also, I will strengthen the skills on certain software, for example, Matlab, C programming language, Multisim, etc. Meanwhile, it is believed that practical ability is an important criteria for students who studies engineering, so I値l try to participate in a research group and discuss scientific topics and questions with the professors. As for the language part, with the accomplishment of the study of level B2 in China, I plan to take the language course provided by TUM. Also, it will be a good way to improve my speaking skill by actively communicating with the locals. On weekends or holidays, I prefer to visit the fantastic scenic spots in Germany with my friends, freezing magnificent landscapes, looking into the Germanic traditions and cultures.

    As for something about myself, I am a confident and optimistic girl. Possessed of a great curiosity in technology, I知 always modest, diligent and conscientious with my study. Besides, I知 eager to take part in many kinds of activities, especially the situation that requires outstanding ability in organization and leadership. Having plenty of hobbies, like singing, skiing, swimming, badminton, etc., I am enterprise and self-motivated, also fond of taking and completing challenges in life.

    In conclusion, it will be a great honor of me if I get the chance to study in TUM, a world-class university where I can experience a brand-new study life. I値l really appreciate it if you can give me the opportunity to fulfill my dream. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    Jiang Xue

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    Motivation Letter

    hello ,
    may u check my motivation letter ?

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am writing to express my interest in applying for the Master program of " Elektroniktechnik " at ur University. I have a bachelors degree in information & communication Thechnology. scheduled to start in March 2014. I appreciate this opportunity to provide further information in support of my admission procedure and I strongly hope that my educational background and deep concern in this field of study make me a very good candidate for this programme.when I was child , I thought about power and electricity and how act electrical device , how can connect with another person with fone or, how can transmit signal with optic fiber or wire . I did some research on the topic and that only increased my interest, as I discovered how truly interdisciplinary this field is: it touches almost all natural sciences like physics, math... I studied ICT at professional university ( university of applied science post & Telecommunication) , I passed a lot of good lectures in my B.Sc痴 thesis was about simulation of temperature analysis of DWDM was so usefull for my experience about electronical boards bcs before this , I just studied as theoretical class but this thesis opend my eyes to practical world. I graduated when I was about 24 years old, after it I started working when I was still in university but my works were so simple but important . At that time, my goals in life were having a good job ,and a successful career. Bcs I thought I catake good experience with job so I looked for them in big or small companies,now I am working in one telecommunication company since for 3years till now.But at some point of time, it became clear to me that that was not what I should be looking for. Armed with Bachelor degree is just not enough in today's competitive world. You need to be equipped with the arsenal of higher degree and experience at the same time. After deciding the subject, the hardest part was choosing the country and the University. German universities have great reputation all over the world. As It is full of vibrant colors, highly technological and International standard quality education this was main reason that drives me to study in Germany. studying in multicultural university enables me to improve my interpersonal talents which gives me a global view how to communicate with people from different cultures.
    I look forward to see my dreams come true by becoming an alumnus of your university. I believe I have made the right choice to continue my studies and I would kindly ask for an opportunity to complete my Master in Automotive Engineering.Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to your positive response.

    Yours faithfully

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